USAIR Vacations - US Air Vacations won't give hotel refunds?!


If you are going to Las Vegas, do not book it through US Air Vacations. We stayed at Planet Hollywood (which I do not recommend at all either!) and our hotel room never got below 80 degrees!

After complaining, the hotel showed us 2 other rooms and both were also very warm. They employees even agreed they were warm. Our shower had mold and mildew in it and the shower head was corroded with lime and calcium deposits. Planet Hollywood said they would love to refund us 100% but since we booked it through US Air vacations, US Air would have to do the refund.

I called US Air Vacations about it and they pretty much told me "too bad." They said the room has already been paid for and there is nothing they can do about it.

Hopefully they'll go out of business too!

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USAIR Vacations - Cancelled Flight


lost a whole day of vacation because Usair flight 473 JFK to Vegas 05/05/2008 9:40 am was cancelled they rebooked us on a American Airlines flight at 4:55pm sat in airport for almost 8 hours was givin nothing not even a food vocher or where to go to other terminal.

This trip was booked through Usair vacations when we got to vegas didnt have upgraded room that we payed for MGM Grand says rooms arent guarenteed thank god they got me another room in morning.All we where offered was 100$ towards another Usair flight within a year and they said thats all they could do

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